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Welcome to the website of CHIFA Sp. z o.o.,

a manufacturer of surgical, dental and veterinary instruments.

In modern business it’s crucial to reduce both: time ‘from draft (idea) to final product’, as well as the manufacturing costs. Using state-of-art machinery and equipment can not guarantee high quality and repeatability in production, assuring it’s cost-effectiveness.
Simple and effective solution for such barriers is OUTSOURCING - cooperation with Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.).

Long practical experience in manufacturing of medical instruments, ongoing improvements of manufacturing technologies, highly skilled personnel, quality control during production process in conjunction with stainless steel from the leading European Suppliers, ensures the maintenance of our high standards.

Our aim is to satisfy our final customer by being in constant contact with the worlds widely recognized practitioners, as well as to understand and comply with their creative requirements.

If You are looking for a source of cost-effective, long-lasting and durable instruments from reliable partner please get familiar with our offering.

Excellence in OEM Manufacturing - CHIFA

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General +48 61 44 20 100
Export +48 61 44 20 260