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General information

The emphasis on reducing the time "from design to finished product", production costs, maintaining high quality and repeatability of production, ensuring its profitability poses a difficult task to managers. 

Also the manufacturing plant with machines, tooling, in many cases also a forgery department and again - skilled personnel, leads to large investments in necessary infrastructure, training for production staff, long period for investment to become profitable and may significantly reduce Your incomes.

Simple and effective solution for such barriers is OUTSOURCING.
Cooperation with Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) brings also other advantages:
- reduction of R&D and infrastructure costs,
- cut the quality control and production process improvements costs,
- high quality product with Your Brand name on it,
- reduced maintenance and repair costs for both manufacturing plant and the final products.

Chifa with its over 4.000 models of surgical instruments meeting the world quality parameters, and 1400 employees in its fully featured facility located in Nowy Tomyśl and Radzyn Podlaski in Poland is able to provide You with research and development as well as production service in a cost-effective and convenient way.
The core of high quality products is proper type of steel, which we always source in Germany from leading European Steel suppliers. It guarantees proper corrosion resistance of our products. Fifty-years-long experience in production of surgical instruments, as well as to the newest production technologies, and careful quality control. Based on ISO Quality Assurance System, matching the standards of both ISO 9001 and EN 46001 approved by TUEV Product GmbH, confirmed with ISO Certificate and CE mark. Registered and certified by FDA (US Federal Food and Drug Administration). Highly skilled technicians together with our customers work closely on inventing of new products and implementing changes into existing ones. Continuous program of modernization along with possessed know-how let us very positively look into our future development to help You achieve Your goals.