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Who are we

CHIFA - a polish manufacturer of surgical, dental and veterinary instruments meeting worlds highest quality parameters..

CHIFA is a polish manufacturer of over 4000 models of surgical, dental and veterinary instruments meeting highest quality parameters. 
The experience in manufacturing high quality medical instruments gathered within the years let us proudly say that CHIFA is one of the best companies in the world.

We are mostly known as an active player on OEM-market. For many years, starting in 1970, we have been manufacturing products under customer's name. We have been selling our products in such quality demanding countries as: Japan for more then 30 years, USA closely to 20 years, Germany more then 30 years, France about 15 years and many others for similar period of time. These are main markets, but made by Chifa instruments are present in 70 different countries world wide.

The core of high quality products is proper type of steel, which we always source in Germany from leading European Steel suppliers. It guarantees proper corrosion resistance of our products.

Company is ISO, EN and FDA certified. Our technicians together with our customers work closely on inventing of new products and implementing changes into existing ones.
Continuous program of modernization along with possessed know-how let us very positively look into our future development.

Due to our experience and flexibility we are able very easily to meet different requirements of our customers regarding the quality and special features of our products..

The company is located in Nowy Tomysl, Poland.