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Est magistra vitae

CHIFA was established in 1945 to meet needs of Polish health care in the range of medical instruments. The company formed a sound base by recruiting skilled technicians and experts who enabled it to expand rapidly. To support the achievement of that goal a specialized department dedicated to the Research & Development has been formed. As a result, in 1953 CHIFA initiated export sales, which has been growing rapidly over next forty years.

Today CHIFA employs close to 1500 people in its fully featured facility located in Nowy Tomysl, Poland.
The highest quality of the manufactured products is guaranteed thanks to the over 50-year-long experience in production of surgical instruments, as well as the newest production technologies applied, sourcing the steel from leading German suppliers and tight quality control.

In 1996 Quality Assurance System, matching the standards of ISO-9001 and EN 46001, has been implemented. Today CHIFA is also authorized to put the CE mark together with its own name on each manufactured product. The leading and the most demanding company, namely TÜV Product Service GmbH, Germany, certifies CHIFA in this field.

Today more than 92 % of CHIFA's production is exported to over 40 countries all over the world. The key export markets are: Japan, USA, Germany. Other prominent markets include United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and many others.

Our future is not only bound with continuous program of modernization, taking full advantage of high tech development, but also with the availability of skilled workforce.
CHIFA Technical Institute has been set up to train young persons who serve an apprenticeship covering all aspects of instrument manufacture. Our most skilled craftsmen and engineers supervise this program.

We do take utmost care to secure a proper function of surgical instruments because we realize that so much depends on a good state of medical products. We do our best to provide You with such instruments on a daily basis.