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Special offer

CHIFA would like to offer you services rendered by its Forging house, Tooling house, heat treatment department and galvanic department.

Tool shop is equipped among others tool machines in CNC programmed equipment as:
- Charmilles wire-cutting ED machining
- Charmilles die-sinking ED machining
- Deckel milling machines, and ordinary tool machines.

We are able to make tooling for:
- cold working and hot working /including forging dies/
- special machining tools
- handles and other treatment devices

We would also like to offer:
1. Heat treatment in vacuum and protective atmosphere.
2. Nickel and chromium plating.
3. Forging:
- flat die forging of blanks to 2 kg
- die forging of blanks to 1,5 kg
- scale purifying on elements at weight to 2 kg and 0.5m length
- stamping and blanking elements from metal sheets at width to 4 mm
4. Machining department is equipped among others tool machines in CNC:
- milling centers: CHIRON and KIRA
- lathe automatic machines: Tornos - machining a bar 03-25 nun
- lathe automatic machines: Rika - machining a bar 03-18 mm.
5. Technical department is furnished with Catia CAD/CAM, Mechanical Desktop and AutoCAD 2000 /IGES, DXF, DWG/ systems:
- design documentation performance
- 3D model performance
- CNC tool machines programming

If you are interested in our offer please do not hesitate to contact us at:

tel: 0048 61 44 20 260
fax: 0048 61 44 23 936