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Technical service

Following the idea and customers' need of maintaining their instruments and also realizing the importance of providing our customers with economical, reliable and high quality technical service CHIFA decided to build up a special department designated solely for that purpose. This department is called TECHNICAL SERVICE.

We offer comprehensive repair and refurbishment service of all instruments included in our program as well as instruments coming from other manufacturers to enable our customers to maintain their valuable instrument assets in functional and workable condition.

You can be sure that your instruments will be maintained in the factory where few thousands different models of instruments have been manufactured. Our repair facility, placed in Nowy Tomysl is fully accredited and complies with national and international quality standards.
Our Technical Service Department is ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certified and also all manufacturing operations are in compliance with FDA Regulations, what is the guarantee of good service and secures well done repair.

CHIFA guarantees full service on the highest level in the field of such instrument groups as: general surgery, bone surgery, gynecology, laryngology, microsurgery, dental and orthodontics. Nowadays CHIFA offers competitive pricing and short delivery terms according to our new logistic concept.

The TS-Team consists of persons, who gained their practical experience in our factory and are able to repair all kinds of instruments. They are top specialists in their field.

Technical Service team is closely related to CHIFA production departments what ensures exchange of know-how and manufacturing experience.

This program is designed to keep your instruments in optimum working condition. The program helps to extend the lifetime of your instruments and thereby increases your competetive edge. Moreover, it lets your customers save on replacement and related costs.