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Maintenance Procedure Step By Step

The procedure, which rules the repair and maintenance program, is very simple. We wanted to make it as customer friendly as possible.

The procedur has been divided into the following steps:

1. You find your instrument to be defective and send it to the following address


If you have any suggestion or comments regarding faulty items, please feel free to share it with us. They all are very helpful.

2. Every instrument will be carefully examined and tested by the TS-Team aiming at finding all faults that cause its malfunctioning. All our specialists have got long practical experience and recognize the problem of your instrument very easily.

3. Basing on the a.m. diagnosis the repair cost will be elaborated.
At your request the repair cost (calculation) will be sent for your acceptance. You are to decide whether to repair the instrument at a suggested price or not.

2. In general total repair cost does not exceed 30% of the value of a new item.
If the cost exceeds 2/3 of the value of a new instrument you will be suggested to take a new one.
We will offer it to you with promo pricing.
As mentioned above the repair costs are not that high and it is worthwhile to repair them.

4. TS department will repair the instrument within 14 days on receipt of your confirmation.

You can apply for ?fast track? procedure, which let you get the instrument within 7 days, but you have to take into account that the service will be more expensive.

The quality of instruments after the repair process have got similar quality as the new ones. As a rule we polish all items and etch with CHIFA Service logo and year of repair, for instance: CHIFA Reg 01. At your request we can etch any information you may need.

5. The instrument after the repairwill be sent back to you immediately.

Please make sure that all instruments are properly cleaned and sterilized before sending.

You are provided with guarantee over all repaired or replaced instruments and its parts. In case of necessity to exchange of any part of an item we use only CHIFA original spare parts to assure high quality of granted service. It is a demonstration of our confidence in our service and commitment to customer care.

Our service includes precise sharpening, adjustments, refinishing and lubrication, installation of TC-inserts.

As a part of that program any defected CHIFA instrument covered by our guarantee will be replaced or repaired free of charge. If you are not completely satisfied, we rework the repaired item at no charge.

Our aim is to satisfy our customers by offering the best product and service they expect. That is why we are in a constant contact with world-widely- recognized medical practitioners to understand their needs and consult our technological achievements with their creative requirements.

What kind of advantages you gain taking part in our technical service and support program.

At a reasonable price you keep your instruments in optimum working condition - similar to a new one.

Prolonged life time and proper functioning of your instrumentarium saves on your customers purchase costs and lets you get competitive edge.
In case an instrument turns out irreparable, you will be offered to take a new one on good purchase conditions.

Close cooperation between you and CHIFA, sales and service departments aiming at long-lasting and mutually beneficial cooperation when never you may iv edit
High quality repair service which enables you to renew your instruments whenever you may need it.
Transparent price conditions, which enable you to plan your repair budget and develope the mainte-nance service with your customers.

Sticking to set 14 days lead times thanks to new logistic concept.
Guarantee over repaired instruments.